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HOF Case of the Month (Dec)



topps baseball cards (r)

Dwight Evans was one of the best all-round performers the game of baseball has ever seen.  A longtime member of the Boston Red Sox, Evans patrolled right field at Fenway Park like no player before or since.  Regarded for his elite throwing arm, Dwight racked up in the excess of 200 career outfield assists.  But Dwight Evans was more than just a man with a muzzle-loader under his right sleeve: he was a talent with hardly a flaw.  Dwight could hit for both average and power, but it was his exceptional plate discipline that separated him from the pack.  It wasn’t an uncommon feat for Evans to exceed 100 walks a season.  His Hall of Fame peers, such men as Andre Dawson, Dave Winfield and his longtime Boston teammate Jim Rice weren’t the on-base dynamos that Dwight was.  For a better description of Dwight’s Hall of Fame case, visit my blog:


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Pin-up of the Month (Dec)




Figures didn’t come anymore flawless than the awe-inspiring assemblage of Carole Landis.  She was a beauty unique, who set thousands of hearts ablaze during the Second World War.  While many women were at home, tending to children, working in plants and keeping the home just as husband left it, Carole was out there on the frontlines with the boys.  The blond beauty spent time in foxholes in the European Theater of Operation.  She traveled to hazardous areas just so the boys in the armed forces could gander at a swell-looking lady before they engaged the enemy.  Most modern viewers of Golden Age Cinema simply know Carole Landis as that stunning gal with the greatest figure of her era, but to classify Miss Landis as an Oomph Girl alone is to do the classy lady an injustice.  She was the embodiment of home for countless soldiers fighting overseas.  For more on Carole Landis, secure a copy of The Pin-up Girls of World War II through Bear Manor Media, at

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