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If a person were to write a biography on Rochelle Hudson, a perfect title for the book would be: The Immaculate Countenance: The Life and Career of Rochelle Hudson.  Miss Hudson possessed a profile so inviting, so free of any imperfection, it seemed as if she had escaped some master artist’s canvas.  To look upon Rochelle Hudson was to witness pure beauty–beauty so uncommon one might suggest she had been deposited by some higher power; some entity rarely in the employ of creating man, for the mold that made Rochelle was a mold not often utilized.  The dark-haired enchantress starred in some notable features, such as the Claudette Colbert vehicle Imitation of Life as well as the family film Curly Top, opposite Shirley Temple.  During World War II, Rochelle, who was married to a high-ranking military official, was engaged in espionage work for the United States government (more on this interesting wartime story can be found in my book Pin-Up Girls of World War II).


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