Pin-Up Girls of World War II


The best attribute any aspiring writer can have is persistence.  I learned that when I shopped my first book–sent query upon query to various publishers.  After numerous rejection letters, I all but gave up the notion of ever having the work published.  However, the manuscript was bought by McFarland Publishing and I could forget about the collection of rejection letters publishing houses had delivered to me.

The second round of queries was a more pleasing experience.  The Pin-Up Girls of World War II was picked up by the first publishing house I queried.  So, all you would-be authors visiting this page, let not the rejection letter discourage you–we have all found them in our mailboxes.  Keep on writing.  Keep on querying.

The Pin-Up Girls of World War II focuses on the celebrity women who posed for the cheesecake stills that the boys in the armed forces secured to walls in their barracks or taped to the interior of their cockpits and tanks.  They were ladies of great inspiration.  The book gives biographical information on the more popular pin-ups of the day, such as Jane Russell, Betty Grable and Jinx Falkenburg, to name a few, while also offering the historical significance of pin-up art.  How pin-up art began and the manners in which it progressed over the years, is detailed within the pages as well.  Secure your copy today by clicking on the link below:


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